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Matthew Wagg, Northern Beaches Hospital
Mechanical Supervisor

Looking after one of Australia’s premier hospitals, the Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH), can be challenging. With a 488-bed facility, there is always something going on. NBH services residents across Sydney’s Northern beaches and is still regarded as being new and world-class. It is vital to keep the facility safe, clean, and operational at all times.

We recently had a drain fly infiltration problem within our utilities, kitchens, and service areas and tried to manage it by traditional pest control maintenance. This seemed to work ok initially, then the situation would return, and it appeared to be spreading to different sections. Certain areas also had drain smells from time to time. We first heard about your product a while ago but didn’t feel it was essential or as a matter of urgency to implement a drain protection device. The problem was becoming worse with multiple complaints and affected areas.

Since we decided to install the Green Drains, we can report that we do not get any more complaints about pests nor drain odors from the catering department. It provides me peace of mind knowing we have a preventative solution working for us as an essential tool for our facilities.

I would gladly recommend Green Drains to any colleague or anyone in the healthcare industry.


Danny Ciampini , MONDO DORO 
General Manager

The Green Drain is an ideal device for our business; we feel secure knowing that nothing in our drainage system can come back out to contaminate our produce potentially. It is also a prevention device that is welcomed by inspectors. The Green Drain solution is an essential tool for any food manufacturing plant, providing another security level against possible outbreaks. It is brilliant!

Easy to install and removed for cleaning, in particular when we conduct deep sanitization. The fact that it maintains an airtight seal is a huge advantage. We will continue to install the Green Drain as part of our safety protocol in our future projects. Happy to tell my colleagues and any other manufacturer about your winning solution.

Thank you!"


Jesse Morgan, St Brigid's Green Maroubra
Village Manager

At our Maroubra site – St. Brigid’s Green - our drain fly problem was becoming an issue for residents and staff alike, which I can safely say that is behind us now.

Our fly infestation around our serving and dining areas seemed to worsen, spreading to many floors. Our hygiene company Medclean suggested we install Green Drains to seal their breeding grounds. We decided to attack the problem from all angles and combined a wholistic solution between our Pest Management and Hygiene and Green Drains. Eddie initially came out to meet with our facility manager and conducted a site audit to evaluate our challenges. The service was very comprehensive and put together a complete drain maintenance solution to protect our problem areas proactively.

Since the installation of Green Drains, we can report that we do not get any complaints or experience the challenges we once had, even though the warmer season is upon us. In some areas, we could, at times, smell undesirable drain odors. This has also been addressed and without using harmful chemicals. Even our resident Chef loves it.

I would highly recommend the Green Drain to any age care facility wishing to be proactive in protecting their residents and staff from the potential health risks of unsealed drains.