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The New Standard Within Floor Drains

Approved by ABCB/IAPMO Oceania Watermark to be a Self-Sealing Device. Complies with ASSE1072-2007 and WMTS-522:2020 – approved under AS/NZS3500 Specification ICC-ES Certified to be used as an alternative to a Trap Primer

HACCP | Certificate number: I-PE-891-GRE-RG-01
Segment: Food Safety | AREA: Global

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. 

License No.: WM-022837
Segment: Plumbing/Building AREA: Australia

WaterMark is a mandatory Australian national certification scheme required by the Plumbing Regulators and detailed in the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). These products are recognized by authorities having jurisdiction as authorized for use in a plumbing or drainage installation.

Certification No.: IAPMO-WM022837 -I01R00
Product: Floor Drain Trap Seal Protection Devices

IAPMO Oceana Pty Ltd is essential for The IAPMO Group, a global pipes industry-based affiliation that tests and affirms items and creates codes and principles that ensure the total populace’s safety. IAPMO Oceana certifies plumbing and waste items to utilize the WaterMark™ image.

JAS-ANZ authorizes IAPMO Oceana to direct evaluations prompting item certifications and has also been endorsed to give WaterMark licenses.


IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. is an item accreditation body that tests and assesses tests taken from the provider’s stock or from the market or a blend of both to confirm consistency to the prerequisites of relevant codes and standards. This action is combined with intermittent reconnaissance of the provider’s plant and distribution centers just as the provider’s Quality Assurance System appraisal.

File number: 9301 (P144269) Product: Floor Drain Trap Seal Protection Devices

(cUPC™) are the designated American and Canadian national standards. They design these codes to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. Commercial construction projects, & residential construction projects, normally require specified products to be certified.

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

Proposition 65 regulations recognize “no critical danger” levels for specific cancer-causing agents.


ASSE: the American Society of Sanitary Engineers
Green Drain™ products are in compliance with ASSE 1072-2007

The ASSE Product Listing Program is an ANSI-and SCC-authorize outsider affirmation body with a solid spotlight on backflow prevention and thermostatic blending.

ASSE certified items are tried by qualified labs to labs with strict prerequisites of item guidelines and confirmed in a fair, adjusted, educated, and thorough way. Following 113 years of support for normalized plumbing practices and over 50 years of guaranteeing items, the ASSE Seal is gladly shown on many gadgets and congregations all through North America and referred to in the major U.S. model codes (UPC, IPC, and NSPC).

European Technical Assessment: ETA-18/0536
Segment: Plumbing/Building | AREA: Europe/EU/EEA

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with wellbeing, security, and ecological assurance principles for items sold inside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Report number: VA 2.47/20696
Segment: Plumbing/Building | AREA: Denmark

VA Approval is a voluntary Danish scheme for water and sewage products. It additionally identifies whether the items meet the Danish prerequisites depicted in the structure guidelines just as related standards and rules.