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Green Drain Size

  • GD2
  • GD3
  • GD3.5
  • GD4

Green Drains GD2

Green Drains GD3

Green Drains GD3.5

Green Drains GD4

Product Benefits

  • Increases Indoor Air Quality
  • Protects the Public Health
  • Green Technology
  • Help in LEED Certification


  • Drain Odors
  • Pest infiltration
  • Sewer / Radon Gas Infiltration
  • Harmful Biologic Aerosols

Product Features

  • One way drain valve
  • Ease of installation
  • Does not impair flow rate
  • Does not impair plumbing maintenance
  • Provide sewage back-flow protection
  • Universal Plumbing Code Certified

Green Drain Function

Green Drain is utilized in floor channel bodies or within floor channel strainers to seal the opening to block smells, sewer gases, and pests from entering through the floor channel grind. The Green Drain’s four pliable silicone sealing ribs guarantee simple installment into drains that have varieties in size. The Green Drain will open to permit seepage and close when there is no water stream. The Green Drain can be utilized in either new development or retrofit applications where trap primers were not implemented.