3.5” GREEN DRAIN™ (GD35)


A product designed to solve problems of odor, pests and sewage buildup often seen in other commercial and industrial floor drains.

Pipe Size INCH (mm): 3.5″ (89-100 mm)

Height (mm): 51mm

GPM: 51.0

L/M: 193,0

The Green Drain Features:

  • One way valve eliminates odors
  • Strong silicon skirts can prevent flood damage
  • Blocks insects from entering through drains
  • Chemical free solution that lasts several years
  • Easy to install
  • Improved drainage quality
The Green Drain Uses/Applications:

For Use In But Not Limited To: Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Laboratories, Hospitals, Breweries, Wineries, Mills, Packing Houses, Chemical Plants, Food Processing Plants, Bars, Casinos, Janitorial quarters, Housing Units, Buildings, Auto Body Shops, and many more!