greendrains is designed to help STOP the spread of COVID-19 & other pathogens through drains

The COVID-19 is traveling through bathroom drainpipes and floor drains the same way SARS did in the 2003 pandemic which was responsible for infecting hundreds of people in a 33-story Hong Kong apartment tower. It was spread in part by traveling through bathroom drainpipes and floor drains.

As more studies are being done around drainage networks and healthcare, research is showing that P traps may inadvertently provide favorable conditions for pathogenic and opportunistic antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to survive and develop resilient biofilms.

Green Drain™ is a proactive cost-effective solution that fits into drains as a one-way trap seal. It protects against the spread of contagious pathogens like the COVID-19 and shuts out toxic gases, odors, insects, and prevents minor flooding. It’s the only Globally multi-patented product on the market, constructed with a revolutionary silicone skirt technology that installs in seconds. Paired with our non-toxic organic bio-enzymatic cleaning foam, it replaces costly toxic chemicals as well. Drain maintenance drops to almost nothing as Green Drain™ requires no water to function properly as opposed to water primers that dry out causing major issues such as exposure to drainage networks and drug-resistant biofilms.

It’s good to be aware of the potential complications drainage networks pose with spread, this is something The Green Drain™ can help facilities and healthcare systems get out ahead of, by fitting facilities with a protective barrier from drains and stopping the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19 from becoming aerosolized and spreading through drainage networks.

How do drains spread viruses into houses or facilities?

Air pressure inside your home is usually lower than the pressure in the soil around your home’s foundation. Because of this difference in pressure, your house or facilities act like a vacuum, drawing air in through foundations and openings like floor drains.

The Green Drain™ is a solution that will prevent these particles and pathogens from spreading up through drains and into houses or facilities.